a person cleaning cars windscreen and mirrors by using carrera glass cleaner
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Carrera Pack of 2 Glass Cleaner 500 ml With microfiber

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Residue Free

This unique Carrera Glass formula contains fresh fragrance and no streaky soaps, or dyes. Absolutely zero residues are left behind on your glass

Deep Cleaning

This unique Carrera Glass Formula cleans deep to remove road grease and grim, dirt, fingerprints, salt, mud, and more from your windshield and mirrors for a striking shine.

Bestfor Tinted & Non-Tinted

This unique Carrera Glass formula contains no ammonia, so it’s perfect for use on tinted and non-tinted glass


This fine mist sprays evenly and fully clings to glass without drips and dribbles.

Superior Formula

Proudly Japanese, you can trust this glass cleaner's quality and superior formula.

    • Shake well before use.
    • Spraya coating of glass cleaner over the part. Wipe up any dirt, grime & debriswith a towel.
    • Buff away any streaks with another microfiber
      towel to restore a crystal-clear shine.
    Carrera Pack of 2 Glass Cleaner 500 ml With microfiber
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    1. Is it safe to use on all types of glass?

    Carrera glass cleaner is safe for use on various types of glass, including windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. removes grime, filth, and fingerprints from the windscreen or mirrors. Also, the recipe includes no ammonia and is suitable for both colored and untainted glass.

    2. Why Use Carrera Glass Cleaner?

    1. Removal of Dirt and Grime: The Carrera Glass cleaner is formulated to lift and remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, and other residues that accumulate on glass surfaces.
    2. Streak-Free Finish: It helps achieve a streak-free, sparkling finish, enhancing the clarity and appearance of glass, be it windows, mirrors, or glass tables.
    3. Fast Drying: Carrera glass cleaners evaporate quickly, which means they clean efficiently without leaving behind residue or streaks.